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Why choose a Laser Projector over a Lamp Projector?

Laser Projectors provide the highest level of picture quality for presentations without the additional cost and maintenance associated with Lamp Based Projectors. 

 Laser and Lamp Projectors Comparison

Superior Dustproofing for Severe Conditions

BenQ's DustGuard technology includes sealed laser modules to protect the laser bank. This lock-and-key design hermetically seals the laser engine from dust* to extend the life of the projector and to mitigate color decay.

Enduring Reliability

BenQ BlueCore laser is guaranteed for 20,000 hours of superior image quality and performance. The laser light source resists color decay over time, making BenQ laser projectors ideal for corporate presentations that require powerful color performance and reliable projection quality.

Centralized Control with BenQ’s MDA Software

The BenQ Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software provides powerful centralized multiple-projector management, including automated opening and closing procedures for public spaces, remotely controlled power on and off, and scheduling for institutions and corporations.


DLP Technology for Lasting Vibrant Color

BenQ BlueCore laser projectors are based on the absolute reliability of the 1-chip DLP design. The highly durable DLP chip can last over 100,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and pristinely legible text over countless uses.


4 product(s)

4 product(s)