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BenQ PV270 27" 1440p  DCI-P3 REC 709 IPS Video Editing Monitor  - Refurbished

BenQ PV270 27" 1440p DCI-P3 REC 709 IPS Video Editing Monitor - Refurbished

SKU-PV270-002 Refurbished

Model Highlights

The PV270 is designed to meet the high demands of video editing professionals. It is Technicolor Color Certified to meet professional digital color rendering standards. Powerful calibration tools and high-quality color performance makes the PV270 ideal for post-video production.

  • 27 Inch diagonal screen with a 2560 x 1440 Resolution

  • 100% Rec. 709 and 96% DCI-P3 with IPS Panel Technology

  • Hardware calibration with Accuracy Color

  • Palette Master Color Calibration Software

  • Uniform Brightness Function

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BenQ PV270 Technicolor Color Certified with Rec.709



Accurate and Reliable Colors for Video Post-production Professionals

The BenQ PV270 provides consistent color reproduction throughout the entire workflow process.


BenQ PV270 Color Consistency across different video post-production stages


High-Quality Color Reproduction

Color is important to the video post-production workflow and the PV270 goes beyond to ensure the fullest range of accurate and consistent color rendering.


Rec. 709 and DCI-PC Color Gamut

The BenQ  PV270 provides 100% Rec. 709 color coverage and 96% coverage of DCI-P3 standard.  This helps the colors you have defined to match the output for high-definition television and digital cinema.  The PV270 also provides 99% Adobe RGB color space for graphic art professionals.


BenQ PV270 Rec. 709, 96% DCI-P3 and 99% Adobe RGB Color Spaces


Uniform Brightness

The PV270 offers a more true and consistent viewing across the entire screen.  It is achieved through the use of a high precision apparatus to meticulously fine-tune hundreds of sub-regions throughout the panel.


BenQ PV270 Brightness Uniformity across the entire display


Backlight Sensor

The PV270 allows for an ideal level of brightness right after being powered on.  It also provides a consistent level of brightness during a session of use and over the lifetime of the display


BenQ PV270 Backlight Sensor



Accurate Color Calibration

Video post-production work often calls for really fine-grained color calibration and with the PV270, users will receive a high-precision calibration result.


BenQ PV270 Color Calibration


Hardware Calibration

Calibrating the hardware allows you to adjust the monitor's image processing chip without changing the graphics card output data.  This keeps images consistent with being affected by graphics settings.  Calibration results can be saved directly into the monitor through two monitor preset modes.


BenQ PV270 Hardware Calibration


14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT)

The PV270 is capable of impeccable color and gray tone reproduction with a 14-bit 3D LUT which improves RGB color blending accuracy.


BenQ PV270 14-bit 3D Look Up Table



The BenQ PV270 features Delta E≤1.5 in Rec. 709 and Adobe RGB color spaces.  Ensuring colors are displayed accurately in every stage of your video editing workflow. Delta E≤1.5 offers viewers the truest appearance of the original image and saves time and money by creating reliable colors with amazing results.


BenQ PV270 Delta E≤1.5

BenQ Calibration Software

X-rite, the global leader in color science and technology, joint-developed Palette Master.  Palette Master is the bundled software that validates calibration settings.  It contains a user-friendly interface along with adjustable parameters, which makes it easy to set a customer profile for your needs.


Support OS System: Win7/ Win8, Mac OS 10.6.8-10.11

Support Calibrator: X-Rite i1 Display Pro/ i1 Pro/ i1 Pro 2

Download Palette Master

BenQ PV270 Pallete Master Calibration Software



GamutDuo allows you to view video simultaneously in different color spaces side-by-side for easy and fast comparison and reliability checking.  The PV270 is able to take two different inputs and displays them both on the same screen at the same time.


*Enabled by changing PIP/PBP Mode


BenQ PV270 GamutDuo allows side-by-side comparison from two different sources


Color Display Clone

Color Display Clone eliminates the need for guesswork when working across multiple locations.  A built-in color temperature sensor automatically adjusts the target picture to be rendered consistently while working in different lighting conditions.


 *Requires Windows OS and only works under Calibration Mode


BenQ PV270 Color Display Clone


1080/24P Playback

The PV270 supports a refresh rate of 72Hz to ensure 24p film content can be displayed at the correct cadence without the need for pulldowns which can distort the playback from video sources.


*Supported with HDMI


BenQ PV270 72Hz Playback via HDMI


Software Develop Kit (SDK)

An SDK and easy-to-use API's are available for studios to develop customized calibration software that meets their highly specific in-house or project requirements.



Support Calibrator‎ X-Rtie i1 Display Pro / i1 Pro /I1 Pro 2‎
Support OS‎ Win 7 32/64bit or above , Mac OS X 10.6.8 or above‎
Palette Master Element‎ Yes‎
Color Display Clone‎ Yes (Windows OS required and only works under Calibration mode)‎
Product Color‎
Product Color‎ Black‎
Back Light Unit‎ LED‎
Aspect Ratio‎ 16:9‎
Resolution (max.)‎ 2560x1440‎
Display Area(mm)‎ 596.7x335.6‎
Pixel Pitch (mm)‎ 0.233‎
Brightness (typ.)‎ 250(Uniformity off, Calibrated)‎
Native Contrast ( typ. )‎ 1000:1‎
Panel Type‎ IPS‎
Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10)‎ 178/178‎
Response Time(Tr+Tf) typ.‎ 5ms (GtG)‎
Display Colors‎ 1.07 B‎
Color Gamut‎ 100% Rec. 709/sRGB, 99% AdobeRGB, 96% DCI-P3‎
Color Bit‎ 10 bits‎
Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs‎
Hor. Frequency (KHz)‎ 30~89Khz‎
Ver. Frequency (Hz)‎ 50~76 Hz‎
Video Bandwidth (MHZ)‎ 300M Hz‎
Audio Line In Out‎
Headphone Jack‎ Yes‎
Dimensions & Weight‎
Dimensions(HxWxD mm)‎ H: 552.55 x 639 x 254.02
L: 417.55 x 639 x 254.02‎
Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm)‎ 542.04 x 639 x 164.25‎
Net Weight (kg)‎ 7.8‎
Gross Weight (kg)‎ 12.1‎
Net Weight Without Stand‎ 5.5‎
Net Weight With Shading Hood‎ 8.8‎
Power Supply (90~264 AC)‎ Built-in‎
Power Consumption (On mode)‎ 73W‎
Power saving mode‎ <0.5W‎
Power Consumption (Off mode)‎ <0.5W‎
Power Consumption‎ 51.77W (Uniformity on)‎
Special Features‎
Windows 10 Compatible‎ Yes‎
Card Reader‎ Yes‎
Touch Control Key‎ Yes‎
Eye Protect Sensor‎ Yes‎
Eco Sensor‎ Yes‎
Preset Modes‎ Standard / Adobe RGB /sRGB / DCI-P3 / Rec. 709 / D50 / D65 / Calibration/ Custom‎
AC Switch‎ Yes‎
Black Level‎ Yes‎
ZeroFlicker Technology‎ Yes‎
Delta E‎ ≤1.5‎
Brightness Uniformity‎ Yes‎
backlightsensor‎ Yes‎
AMA‎ Yes‎
Color Temperature Sensor‎ Yes‎
Windows® 7 Compatible‎ Yes‎
Windows® 8 Compatible‎ Yes‎
HDCP‎ Yes (HDCP 1.4)‎
Color Temperature‎ 2800K/3700K/5000K/5500K/6500K/7500K/8200K/9300K/Custom Mode (increment by 100K)‎
3D LUT‎ Yes (14 bits 3D LUT)‎
OSD Language‎ 17 languages‎
VESA Wall Mounting‎ Yes‎
Swivel (left/right)‎ 45/45‎
USB Hub‎ USB 3.0 with card reader (2*downstream, 1*upstream)‎
Tilt (down/up)‎ -5~20‎
Pivot‎ Yes‎
Height Adjustment (mm)‎ 135mm‎
24P Real Cinema‎ Yes (Only support with HDMI)‎
Kensington Lock‎ Yes‎
Windows® 8.1 Compatible‎ Yes‎
Mac Compatible‎ Yes‎
Included Accessories‎
Other Accessories‎ Online Calibration Report/Shading hood, CD, QSG‎
Signal Cable‎ DVI-DL cable (1.8m), mini DP to DP cable (1.8m), USB 3.0 cable (1.8m)‎
DVI‎ x1‎
USB‎ USB 3.0 with card reader (2*downstream, 1*upstream)‎
HDMI‎ 1.4 x 1‎
DP Input‎ 1.2 x 1‎
Ethernet LAN‎ 1.2 x 1‎
MTBF(hr, exclude lamp)‎ 60000‎
Lamp Life (hr) min‎ 30000‎
Lamp Life (hr) Typical‎ 30000‎
Techinicolor‎ Yes‎