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BenQ WIRELESS FHD KIT WDP02 for HT Series Projectors

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BenQ WIRELESS FHD KIT WDP02 for HT Series Projectors

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Model Highlights

BenQ's Wireless Full HD Kit WDP02 works with a variety of BenQ's 1080p projectors listed below to provide fast and easy uncompressed 1080p wireless projection.


Compatible Projector Models

‧Current Models (2015-):
HT2150ST, HT4050, HT3050, HT2050, TH683, TH670, MH68, MH74, CH100
‧Prior Models (before 2015):
HT1075, HT1085ST, W1070

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The WDP02 is your one-stop, wireless home entertainment set up


WDP02 Wireless HD Kit

The next generation in wireless full HD kit

It has been redesigned to provide more freedom with less hassle.  This optional accessory enables your BenQ projector to stream uncompressed, full HD 1080p content wirelessly.  Wireless streaming up to 100 feet or 30 meters away (within line of sight).  Four built-in antennas ensure the best streaming quality through walls and doors. The WDP02 is equipped with Dynamic Frequency Selection, allowing it to automatically switch between channels to ensure streaming quality and stability.


Tailored Design

The WDP02 is designed and built to fit inside of the HT3050.  It is tucked away inside of the HT3050 to provide a clean and convienent set up.


WDP02 FHD Kit HT3050


Muti-device Support

There are 4 HDMI inputs available on the WDP02, allowing you to input your favorite source devices into one convenient location.


WDP02 FHD Kit Multi-device Support


Model Name‎ WDP02T (Transmitter) / WDP02R (Receiver)‎
Wireless Operating Frequencies‎ 4.9~ 5.9GHz (Include non-DFS and DFS Frequency Bands)‎
Antenna‎ High performance internal antennas x 4‎
System Latency‎ <1ms‎
Audio Bit Rate Support‎ 
Up to 6 Mbps audio stream:‎ Support AC3 and DTS‎
2 Channel PCM :‎ 16~24 bits audio sample with 32~96KHz sampling rate‎
Transmission Distance‎ The maximum video transmission range is 30 meters (100 feet)
Line of sight (LOS) scenarios (The minimum range is 2 meters)
* if more than one pair is in operation, each of transmitter and receiver should be at least 2 meters away from one another.‎
HDMI Input‎ Transmitter:X4
HDMI Output‎ Transmitter:X1
IR Control‎
IR Sensor‎ Transmitter:Yes
IR Blaster Extender‎ Transmitter:Yes (2.5mm Jack)
IR Sensor Extender‎ Transmitter:N/A
Power‎ Transmitter:Yes
Source‎ Transmitter:Yes
Power‎ Transmitter:X1 (Red/Blue)
Receiver:X1 (Red/Blue)‎
Source‎ Transmitter:X4 (Blue)
Receiver:X1 (Blue)‎
Signal Status‎ Transmitter:N/A
Receiver:OSD displayed‎
Input‎ Transmitter:5V DC Jack
Receiver:5V mini USB‎
Dimensions (mm³)‎ Transmitter:227(W) x 94(L) x 26(H)
Receiver:68(W) x 91(L) x 20(H)‎
Power Supply‎ 100~ 240V AC in, 5V 2A DC out Power Adaptor‎
Operating Temperature‎ 0°~40°C‎
Package Contents‎ 
Color Carton‎
WHDI Tramsmitter / Receiver‎
Remote Control‎ X 1‎
IR Blaster Cable‎ X 1‎
Mounting holder‎ X 1‎
Screw‎ X 2‎
Velcro‎ X 1‎
Cradle‎ X 1‎
Tx DC Power Adaptor‎ (w/ multi-nation plugs - US/UK/EU/CN/AU)‎
Mini USB Cable + RX Power Adaptor‎ (w/ multi-nation plugs - US/UK/EU/CN/AU)‎
HDMI Cable‎ X 1‎
User Manual CD(24L)‎
Quick Start Guide(18L)‎
Color Space‎ YUV/RGB‎
Deep Color‎
Yes‎ TX input : 12 / 10 / 8 bits RX : 8bit output.1
TX output : 8bits‎
HDCP‎ Yes‎