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Instashow Wireless HDMI Meeting Room Solution


Meet the BEST wireless meeting room solution!

It’s human nature to resist change, which is why new technology can be intimidating. InstaShow™ requires zero learning curve, plugging right into your daily routine to start sharing instantly. Simple and intuitive, anyone that tries InstaShow immediately knows how to use it.

InstaShow is a wireless solution without additional investment or training. Any business customer, even those without WiFi infrastructure, can deploy InstaShow for employees and visitors to enjoy simple and quick wireless presentation without awkward moments setting up, giving you back all the time wasted starting a meeting.

Easy Meeting Room Wireless Solution

One Simple Button to Start Presenting


Just a single button, InstaShow™ is an all-hardware solution that simply plugs in. It takes mere seconds to start presenting wirelessly. There is no software at all to install or configure, reducing downtime and uncomfortable silences to kick off a productive meeting. Additionally, because it has no software to configure or update and no OS compatibility to maintain, InstaShow is free from IT support.  One Button
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